We are Agenda.
Alexander Griekspoor
Drew McCormack
Marcello Luppi
Charles Parnot
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Momenta B.V.
Momenta B.V. was formed in The Netherlands in 2016 by Alexander Griekspoor and Drew McCormack. Agenda is the company’s first product.

Both founders began in scientific research, before leaving to develop software for Apple platforms. Alexander developed the Apple Design Award (ADA) winning apps 4Peaks, EnzymeX, and Papers, and Drew is responsible for the app Studies.

The pair have a long friendship, and have collaborated on many projects, including the web site MacResearch.org, which was popular with Mac-using scientists in the mid-2000s.
They teamed up with designer and longtime personal friend Marcello Luppi of Wrinkly Pea Design who gave the app its crisp, modern look and feel.

Finally, the team would not be complete without Charles Parnot, maker of the lab notebook application Findings. Charles has been working with the pair for many years, and has provided code, wisdom, and inspiration for Agenda from day one.

In June 2018 Momenta B.V. won an Apple Design Award for Agenda, which was also selected as MacStories Best New App 2018.